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A Patch of Fog TIFF Review

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A hotshot novelist is blackmailed into hanging out with a lonely security guard in this debut feature from Irish director Michael Lennox.

A Patch of Fog TIFF Review

An esteemed novelist with a penchant for shoplifting is blackmailed into a dubious friendship with the security guard who caught him in the act in A Patch of Fog, the debut feature from Irish director Michael Lennox, whose short movie was nominated for an academy award last year. Starring Conleth Hill as the man of letters and Stephen Graham playing against type as the sad sack just looking for a chum, this slickly made thriller is let down by its script, whose escalating implausibility is played too straight to even be enjoyably ridiculous. Conleth and Graham are both best known Stateside for their work on HBO in Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, respectively but are hardly marquee names, so distribution outside the Isles looks iffy.

He participates in a weekly culture show on Television, whose host Lucy Sherlock Lara Pulver he conducting a surreptitious relationship with, and he lectures at the local university. He also developed a recreational habit, worked out to a level of clinical efficiency, of shoplifting. He sets his phone to ring a few minutes before he enters a store when it does, he fishes for his cell and pockets the pair of cufflinks he holding, then breezes out past the security guard. His rationale Roughly that, you know, it makes him feel alive. But his compulsion to risk exposure betrays a sense of fraudulence connected to a long suppressed secret with the power to ruin his life and reputation.

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