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HarryPotter Fans Reject New FantasticBeasts Slang

Updated on: 06-Nov-2015 Views: 145 Views
J.K. Rowling has revealed a previously unknown piece of information about the up coming Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and, judging by the response on social media, fans are not amused.

The Fantastic Beasts, which is set in 1920 New York, replaces a beloved piece of Potter lore, with American wizards choosing to call non magical humans No Maj pronounced, no madge, and short for no magic instead of the Potter books muggle However, not all of the no maj fanbase seems to be in favor of the change. HarryPotter Fans Reject New FantasticBeasts Slang

Of course, such concern should be expected from a change to a fan favorite property remember the many fans upset about the cross guards on Kylo Ren lights aber in the first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser? By the time that Fantastic Beasts hits screens in Nov 2016, expect the word to have been adopted by all but the most traditional of muggles.

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