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Hollywood Bill Cosby Amnesia Gavin Polone Has a Cure

Updated on: 07-Aug-2015
Cosby is an Show producers Tom Werner and sMarcy Carsey statement, after the story broke, that the allegations against Cosby were beyond knowledge and comprehension is possibly true but I don not believe it. I have worked on many film and TV sets, and keeping secrets is almost impossible. If Cosby were bringing a slew of women to the studio where his show was taped, many people would have seen it and it would have been a constant topic of gossip. Everyone on a production seems to find out if a sound mixer is having an affair with a hair stylist, even famous.

When the star of the show picks a celery stick off the craft service table, everyone notices. And when that star is the biggest celebrity in America, as Cosby was, the attention paid is even greater. Hollywood  Bill Cosby Amnesia  Gavin Polone Has a Cure

People then gossip about what is going on and the information flows from top to bottom. The executive producers of the show, or their minions, would be around this and would have very likely seen or heard it all.

In a 1986 article published in Life magazine, an incident is recounted where Cosby had a violent physical altercation with a crew member. Included in the article was a scary picture of Cosby using an Eric Garneresque headlock on the man.

In reference to this incident, Carsey-Werner executive Caryn Mandabach said, it was just nothing. A Spy magazine article from that year recounts incidents on the set of Cosby bullying costumers and making an unflattering and public pronouncement about a guest starís breasts. It would seem that Cosby was not trying too hard to hide the ugly side of his personality and that there was an established precedent for ignoring and discounting his behavior. Further, NBC programming and publicity executives, and the heads of the network, would have been at the show often during its long run, talking to the producers and kowtowing to the star whose giant hit show saved their jobs.

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