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Queer as Folk 10 Years Later

Updated on: 07-Aug-2015
Ten years ago,Queer as Folk signed off for the final time with an episode about LGBT assimilation that is just as relevant today as it was then.

Queer as Folk ended its five season run and, while much in the LGBT political landscape has changed since then, the ground breaking drama still remains as relevant as ever as the fight for equality marches on. Queer as Folk 10 Years Later

The Show time drama based on the British series of the same name premiered in 2000.

The drama that nobody thought would work including cast members ran for five seasons and 83 episodes, culminating Aug. 7, 2005, helped change the cultural conversation about what it means to be gay. But now, on the 10 years anniversary of the series finale finale, shows like Queer as Folk are no longer considered the rarity but the norm.

The drama about a group of friends telling stories about gay bashing, coming out, AIDS and HIV as well as the struggle for equality helped pave the way for series like Glee, Looking, Modern Family.

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