Warhel :: Selena Gomez: NOT Out of Rehab ... Yet

Selena Gomez: NOT Out of Rehab ... Yet

Updated on: 14-Oct-2016
Selena Gomez is serious about getting her mental and emotional stability in check: after cancelling 34 tour dates, Selena admitted herself to rehab, where Us Magazine reports she has remained since August, located at a Tennessee facility.

Selena Gomez: NOT Out of Rehab ... Yet

If you thought that this was a celeb on another "get well tour," kicking back and binge-waching Netflix, you'd be wrong.Gomez was previously admitted to the Meadows rehab in Arizona, which specializes in substance abuse.

However, in April 2016, Selena claimed that her admission didn't have anything to do with drugs or alcohol, but as treatment for her chronic lupus diagnosis.

Gomez claimed that she was receiving chemotherapy treatment in order to squash her autoimmune disease's symptoms, and even lashed out, saying "I was in rehab after chemo for my lupus, you jerks."

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