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Why China is Panning Pan

Updated on: 29-Oct-2015

While other under performing Hollywood movies have been bailed out by Chinese audiences, Warner Bros. Pan had one of the worst studio launches of all time there.

Over the past decade, Hollywood has introduced China movie going masses to superheroes of every conceivable shape and size hulks, pirates, spider people, an Iron Man and much else. In return, the world second largest movie market has occasionally flexed some superpowers of its own, chiefly the ability to turn a flop into a hit. Why China is Panning Pan

Earlier this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys became the latest beneficiary of the Chinese audience largess. The 155 million dollars budget movie from Paramount Pictures and Sky dance Productions was given a lifeline when it made 82.8 million dollars in 8 days, just shy of its 89.4 million dollars North American gross after nine weeks it ended with 112.8 million dollars in China. Previously, Pacific Rim, Escape Plan and Cloud Atlas all achieved loss saving China grosses that were larger than their North America runs.

The producers behind Pan, Warner Bros. ambitious but disastrously under performing Peter Pan origin movie, were undoubtedly hoping for a similar China rescue when the movie debuted across the country last Thursday. Instead, Pan did even worse there.

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